If you’re new to NFL handicapping and struggling to find free NFL picks consistently, it’s likely because of the lack of information. But don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with our ultimate NFL handicapping guide.

Following this guide, you can cash out more winning tickets, drastically increase your profits and become a confident NFL better. Let’s discuss how to bet in NFL the right way.

How To Handicap and Profit

There’s a lot that goes into picking successful free NFL expert picks. You must have a reliable source for understanding the odds, power ratings, weather, impact of injuries, home-field advantage, motivation, rest, and scheduling. The good news is, Charlies Sports provides just that.

A majority of the amateur betters will make their picks depending on what performances they saw previously, heard on TV or radio. However, oddsmakers know that rookies will pick their games through public perception, and that’s where they take advantage.

Your source must also provide a breakdown of matchups and present trends through analytical systems and tools to predict future parlays, props, wagers, odds, and more.

Making Your Own Spread

Most veteran handicappers use their own power ranking systems to help them make accurate NFL weekly picks. What’s more, these systems allow handicappers to create a spread before any oddsmaker releases their number. This also helps handicappers spot whether a team is overvalued or undervalued.

Using The Odds

Can you remember when you wagered on a game that you thought was wrongly predicted? To be a successful NFL handicapper, you must completely understand the odds and read between the lines. This is particularly helpful for the NFL, where numbers are crucial for long-term success.

Home Field Advantage

The biggest mistake that rookies make is that they forget to consider a team’s home-field advantage. This consistently loses you money on road favorite teams. New betters need to realize that home-field advantage isn’t a team’s win or loss record. It’s the realization that a team is on home ground and not on the road. The home-ground advantage is a major factor for a team’s success and the opponents they are playing against.

A football on the field.

Impact Of Weather and Injuries

It’s no secret that the weather and injuries are critical for a team’s success over a season. New betters don’t take advantage of the opportunity because of these factors. Sure, everyone is aware of a quarterback, running back, or wide receiver getting injured because they hear about them on the TV or radio. Accounting for these injuries is important, but the books need to be adjusted because public bettors will act according to what they heard.

While learning how to place effective bets is important for any NFL handicapper, you may also want to consider other options.

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