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CharliesSports Free Horse Racing Picks: Where Winning is a Tradition?

When you seek the best Free Horse Racing picks, you should look for the most reliable source. At CharliesSports, our Horse Racing picks come from experienced and reputed tipsters who analyze every match before making their predictions. Winning is a tradition with us and we take pride in helping our clients win.

Free Picks

Our team takes pride in having assisted our clients to make big money with our Horse Racing Picks and Predictions. When you place your bets with our expert predictions, you will not be led down. Our clients have a tradition of winning money on a regular basis.

As one of the most trusted sports handicapping platforms, we offer the following:

  • Free predictions against sports picks
  • Horse Racing expert predictions against the spread
  • Horse Racing predictions against sports odds

Horse Racing Betting Picks

We also provide free Free Horse Racing Picks & Handicapping for our clients. When you rely on our FREE HORSE RACING PICKS & HANDICAPPING picks, you will be betting to win big. We have made winning easier for our clients. We suggest signing up for our signature 500 predictions and you can start making profits daily.

Our Free Horse Racing Picks & Handicapping include:

  • Horse Racing Betting Picks
  • Expert predictions against sports odds & the spread
  • Free horse racing picks & handicapping Sports handicapper
  • Free horse racing picks & handicapping weekly picks

We offer expert betting predictions that you can count on to generate relatively easier wins. Our reliable predictions make us among the most reliable Horse Racing handicappers in the industry.

Who We are?

CharliesSports is led by Charlie Red McDougal. We have been providing Free Horse Racing picks and other sports predictions for over three decades. We know all the players in Reno, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Costa Rica.

With decades of industry presence, we know how to study teams, players, seasons, and patterns. We have experienced predictions experts on our team, who have not just been following NFL and FREE HORSE RACING PICKS & HANDICAPPING for decades but also have a strong passion for the sport.

We know from experience that instant winning has a high probability because we have a proven track record in ensuring it for our clients. At CharliesSports, winning is a habit and we are glad that this habit becomes infectious to our clients as well.

Rating the Plays

All our plays are rated based on a star system, with a 500-star playing being the highest-rated play. We make our Free Horse Racing picks, based on our experts and sources from all over the country. We are in constant communication with these experts with the goal of finding the best possible value against the spread in the sport.

Besides, we have experts and sources for predictions in other sports as well, including NFL, NFL, and college Horse Racing. Our plays are posted at 10 am EST daily. We suggest our clients reach us directly via phone to receive their Free Horse Racing picks. You can reach out to us at 1.866.252.0096 or send us a message via this Online Form or at At CharliesSports, we have a tradition of winning and earning big money for our clients.

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Our platform provides expert betting predictions that you can count on to make quick and easy money. We’re one of the leading sports handicappers in the business with our reliable predictions.


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