The sports betting industry is flourishing, mainly due to the multiplicity of options it has to offer to potential bettors. There’s something (read: a sport of interest) for everyone where winning is largely dependent on just how much you know about the game. Here are some games that are relatively easier to handicap:


Football betting is known to be the easiest form of sport one can bet their money on, but only those with the right betting strategy can win the game. You need to be equipped with the correct tips for the ongoing market, leagues, and divisions in order to make your bet more realistic; only then is there an 80 percent chance that you can record a winning. The challenge is to beat the upsets of this low-scoring game and to stick with single bets to increase your chances of winning football bets.

Horse Racing

This is another game that offers a winning alternative as wonderful as that of football. However, because not many betting arenas offer horse racing, the game’s popularity is slightly lesser than that of football. In this game, it’s assumed that every horse running the miles has equal chances of winning the race; however, this is far from true. In reality, only an experienced onlooker can predict the outcome of the race and make money from it. As beginners, it’s best to start with sports markets where the odds are low in order to minimize losses.


Did you know basketball is widely considered to be a predictable sport? The concept of “home court advantage” is truer for basketball players than any other, making basketball a safe betting option. Learning this concept has a huge influence on the game’s outcome since bettors can automatically derive valuable information from the outset. This game is a two-way wager; (1) you can bet on where the total points attained will be higher or lower than the targeted number, and (2) who will win the game. The odds of winning here are as dramatic as 33 to 50 percent!

All of these sports are great, but it’s good practice to not take up more than one at a time. Start with one and dig deep into it until you know everything about making profitable decisions.

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