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Are you new to sports handicapping but want to try your luck this NFL season? There are plenty of options for you to choose from, but not all of them can guarantee good payouts. Be wise when it comes to what wagers you put your money on. Here are some wagers that you can bet on this NFL season without worrying about losing too much.


The Point Spread

The point spread consists of an oddsmaker proclaiming a team as favorites and determining the number of points they will the game by. So to win the point spread, the favored team has to win by that particular amount of points or more and to win against the spread, the favored team either has to win by fewer points or lose to the opposing team. Betting “against the spread” is quite popular in NFL games.

If the oddsmaker predicted that the Buccaneers would win against the Cowboys by 10 points, then the Buccaneers must win by ten or more points, and since they won by just 2 points, everyone who bet against the spread ending up winning the bet.


The Moneyline

The money line is the simplest wager you can bet on. You just have to pick the team you think is likely to win the game. If you pick the Kansas City Chiefs and it says -200, you need to bet $200 to win $100, getting a total payout of $300 on the game. These bets are pretty clear-cut and safe for beginners.

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When betting on totals, you are no longer concerned with which team will win or lose but the total number of points scored. The sportsbook decides a number, and everyone bets on either over, which indicates more points being scored or under, which means that fewer points will be scored than the pre-determined total.



Parlays consist of multiple bets within one. It is a quite profitable bet and ensures a good payout but is also risky and not recommended for beginners. You can bet on the spread, the moneyline, and totals simultaneously within a parlay. If you win the parlay, you get a great payout, but if you lose even one bet in the parlay, you lose the entire parlay and get no payout.


Prop Bets

Prop bets are increasingly becoming popular, and you can bet on just about anything through prop bets. These include bets like whether the stadium roof will open, the highest-scoring quarter, who will score first, and more. And when the Super Bowl comes around, these bets get even more unorthodox.

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