Quarterback is the most crucial position on the football field. Therefore spectators, opponents, and coaches all pay close attention to it. And, because they’re so significant, quarterbacks are frequently the focus of heated disputes among ardent fans. So, who’s the best of all time?

Comparing and ranking legendary quarterbacks from different eras and offensive systems is a near-impossible undertaking. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for what makes a great quarterback. It’s all about personal preferences.

This blog will analyze multiple elements to determine the top three NCAAF quarterback ‘GOATs,’ including QB rating, total career touchdowns, career stats as a starter, and individual and collective accomplishments.

Time Tebow – Florida

  • Record as a starter: 35-6 (3 full seasons)
  • Career touchdowns: 145
  • QB rating: 7
  • Collective awards: 2 SEC titles and 2 national titles
  • Individual accolades: Consensus All-American, Heisman Trophy winner in 2007

Tim Tebow is widely considered not only the best quarterback in NCAAF history but also the best all-around athlete in the sport’s history.

Tebow was one of the most dominant rushers of his era, with a muscular 245-pound, 6’3 frame. Even though he couldn’t translate his college prowess into professional success, he still ranks third in the FBS career efficiency rankings.

During his four years at Florida, Tebow averaged 44 touchdowns per season and was one of the school’s most decorated players.

Tommie Frazier – Nebraska

  • Record as a starter: 35-3 (1 partial, 3 full seasons)
  • Career touchdowns: 79
  • QB rating: 1
  • Collective awards: 4 Big-Eight titles and two national titles
  • Individual accolades: Consensus All-American

Tommie Frazier doesn’t have the throwing stats to compete with some of the finest quarterbacks in today’s NCAAF. He blows most modern-day counterparts out of the water in big-game victories and titles.

Frazier was unstoppable during his four years at Lincoln, leading the Huskers to a 2,000-yard rushing total and three rushing touchdowns. His highlight reels are legendary in the NCAAF.Frazier’s most notable accomplishment is winning the MVP award in three consecutive National Championship games.

Matt Leinart – USC

  • Record as a starter: 37-2 (3 seasons)
  • Career touchdowns: 109
  • QB rating: 5
  • Collective awards: 3 Pac-10 titles and one national title
  • Individual accolades: Consensus All-American, Heisman Trophy winner 2004.

Although Leinart lost to long-time rival Vince Young in the dramatic 2005 national championship finals, the former has achieved little over the latter in terms of what he was able to accomplish during his three incredible seasons at USC.

Leinart’s best season came in 2004 when he led the Trojans to a perfect 13-0 season that culminated in his first national championship and Heisman Trophy.

players during a college football match

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