Right after the NCAA Basketball Committee revealed the top 16 seeds, experts have been flocking in with their suggestions. We are also still stuck in the list-making mode.

Here are some reveal groups that could have been a part of the landscape:

Six senior players that really deserved to play

In our opinion, three seniors really deserved to play in the NCAA tournament. Texas’ Andrew Jones would be on the top of the list. Back in 2018, the Longhorns first went to the contest. Since then, he was getting outpatient treatment for leukemia. Besides, he has been averaging 19.3 points for Texas in the Big 12 league.

Austin’s Peay’s Terry Taylor is another of our favorite bets. His 57 career double-doubles have long quickly made him a national favorite. Besides, he remarkably stands number one in rebounds and number two in points. He is also the only later in the country and the season with a rebounding average of 6-5.

Richmond’s Jacob Gilyard has an astounding reputation for being a noted thief—thanks to his 42 career steals. At a point, he was also known for more assists than the entire Kentucky team. In fact, you can say that the skill runs in the family. Father Rodney was also known for his assists and steals back during the Ottawa University days.

Six teams that didn’t receive a single vote

These teams might not have gotten their votes but have been making their noise since March. Let’s start with Oklahoma. To put things in perspective, during the 22 days that Michigan was on a pause, Oklahoma defeated the four top-15 opponents. USC was another of our favorites. The Trojans have had a 6-1 record in the Pac-12. Their scoring differential during this time was their highest in 50 years. Other than that, USC’s field goal percentage is also fourth-best in the nation, which enabled them to outscore their opponents by 692-476.

Let’s talk about Virginia Tech. This is the team known for beating both Villanova and Virginia and scoring 65 points against the mighty Cavaliers. As per our metrics, this is equal to scoring 80 points against any other team. The team also has one of the nation’s highest-impact transfers—Aluma. He has had an excellent record of achieving 23 against Villanova, 29 against Virginia, and mighty 30 points against Pittsburgh.

At the same time, we were also vouching for Missouri, Colorado, and Minnesota. Charliessports.com takes pride in being one of the leading sports betters since 2001. Get in touch, and we will help you find sports picks and make some great cash.

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