There’s no better way for you to show off your sporty skills to the world than through the NCAA!

More than 50% of all high school students in the US engage in sports every year, and a large chunk of them compete in college sports events, too. With numbers this high, there just has to be a nationwide platform through which young athletic talent can prosper, and that platform is the NCAA.

What Is the NCAA?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is an authority that essentially regulates the activities college athletes engage in. It provides legislative and administrative guidance to young talent and governs intercollegiate sports.

How Does It Help Young Talent?

Since the NCAA was built specifically to support college athletes, it focuses all of its efforts towards their growth and success. The association helps young talent make a name for themselves in the sports industry by providing important resources and incredible opportunities. Here are some of the ways it helps young talent.

Health and Safety

The NCAA invests in the well-being of college athletes by providing insurance fund policies. It provides up to $20 million in insurance benefits for college athletes who suffer from catastrophic injuries. The NCAA Sport Science Institute also trains and researches health and safety-related issues — effectively safeguarding young talent.


Despite any injuries or poor athletic performance, the NCAA still offers scholarships to more than 180,000 college athletes every year. These scholarships amount to nearly $3.5 billion annually. Apart from this, the association also provides over $87 million in funds to Division I athletes who have essential needs.

Student Empowerment

The association empowers young talented athletes by giving them access to education and training programs. These programs, like the Student-Athlete Leadership Forum, help college athletes develop leadership skills and advance in their careers. Through these skills, young talent continues to prosper in a highly competitive industry.


Fairly recently, the NCAA Board of Governors showed support for a plan that lets student-athletes get paid. This is a huge opportunity for young athletes to make their athletic passion into a financially supportive career. The NCAA also finances many aspects of athletics, such as the travel costs for athletes commuting to the competition venues.

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