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Today we’ll be touching on the 3 worst NFL betting picks for this season. We’ve looked at three main factors to come up with this list: player performances, team histories, and upcoming fixtures. Steer clear of betting on the teams in this article and you’ll maximize your chances of winning big!

Note: The following list is based on player and team stats as of November 2022.

1. Houston Texans

Alright, we admit this one’s controversial. To put the 2019 AFC South division champions on this list is a big call, but all it takes is one glance at their home game stats to realize why. The Texans have won none of their home games as of November 2022, leaking 183 points (the joint-most for any team AFC South) in the process!

The point is simple: if you’re unable to perform at home, chances are you’ll struggle away. Sure enough, the Texans have also lost 3 of their 4 away games—and the players are beginning to feel it. Wide receiver Brandin Cooks (currently injured) is just one of the numerous players that have aired their frustrations publicly. If this doesn’t change, the Texans will continue to be one of the worst NFL picks this season.

2. Las Vegas Raiders

Raiders fans, close your eyes now. After being steamrolled by the Saints earlier this season (who ended a 2-game losing streak of their own in the process), the Raiders continue this season having won only 2 games so far.

Their attacking output has been good (183 points scored), but they’ve leaked 201 points (the third-most in the entire American Football Conference). If their defense doesn’t change, they’ll remain one of the worst NFL picks for this season.

3. Carolina Panthers

Any team that loses 7 of its opening 10 games has to be a pretty bad pick. Now add a whopping 243 points conceded and 4 straight away losses to the mix and you’ve got all the makings of a team worth avoiding this season. Unfortunately, this is the position the Carolina Panthers find themselves in.

While it’s still early in the season, the Panthers’ extensive injury list doesn’t bode well for their chances this season. Their position on this list might change if their squad strength improves, but for the moment the situation isn’t great.

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