CBS and the NFL worked very hard to create a sense of togetherness during the time of public health unease. Last year’s Super Bowl predictions had millions of viewers on the edge of their seats. The showing of ads also reminded people that Super Bowl is still one of the media’s greatest marketing showcases as advertisers paid roughly $5.6 million for 30-second spots.

However, what worked best for last year’s Super Bowl? Let’s discuss some highlights from the matches covered.

Tony Romo And Jim Nantz Made the Game

The announcing team did the best they could to focus on the field after Jim Nantz introduced the telecast by celebrating an idea.

Tony Romo continued to identify trends early, including the way penalties played a major role in the early going result. Jim Nantz delivered a refreshing appraisal as the viewers watched by the end of the game.

The Message from The Boss

Commercials didn’t belong in the conversation of sports, but Jeep’s ad that featured Bruce Springsteen offered a strong message of common ground and unity. For some viewers, the commercial may not be ideal, but it directly acknowledged the dark clouds over America that led up to the upcoming game.

Tom Brady Triumphed

By professional sports standards, Super Bowl victory for the 43 years old Tom Brady was a great inspiration for everyone. Before the game from Jim Nantz, the young battle of quarterbacks Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes was surprisingly tough. However, the announcers captured everything unexpectedly for the night without overlaying anything until the moment of triumph for Tom Brady.

Before Jackie

A video was aired by CBS, which Viola Davis hosted. The video was about the history of Black NFL players and how they have achieved success. However, the real wakeup call came when host James Brown called their track record on hiring coaches pitiful. Given the value of the football contracts for coaches, it takes confidence and guts to call something out for the NFL on such a main stage.

Studio Teams Problems

The team from CBS studio had several issues starting with the unnecessary version of halftime highlights. Before the match started, there was also an awkward transition from Alicia Keys’ powerful performance regarding the game. Later, Brown began to shift the teams’ breakdown, which was not an easy transition to witness for the audience.

a crowded stadium

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