The first step for successful NFL handicapping is to determine whether a team will be overvalued or undervalued by the betting public. There’s no particular rule which can apply to every matchup. However, a few considerations need to be kept in mind when handicapping for NFL odds.

Always remember that there are betting websites like Charlies Sports that can help you out. Our NFL handicapping experts understand that recreational betting will go in certain directions. Let’s discuss some strategies that can help you with successful NFL handicapping to help you place effective bets.

Picking A Money Line Winner

Money lines are favorite markets for high rollers and veteran betters. However, odds are set on which NFL team will prevail on a particular day. NFL money lines are shown in the form of fractions. Underdog money lines are generally +200 payoff ones and favorite money lines are -500.

Some expert handicappers also create their money liens before every NFL match without looking at a released sportsbook. Some gurus will also suggest creating your money lines for point spreads one week before the game.

The basic strategy that works best for most bettors is to bet closer to the end of an NFL season. It’s because there was a large sample of team performance metrics and draws at that time.

Handicapping Vs. Point Spread

Betting on the point spread is perhaps the most traditional method for sports handicappers. Betting against the spread means you pick a team that you assume will obtain a given number of points. Favorite teams can win more than a point’s spread and cash in the bets.

However, you get straight wins and straight losses when betting on the underdog team. It’s crucial to keep this aspect in mind when handicapping for the points spread picks. An undergo team may be expected to lose, but the potential good bet against the spread will even out if it even comes close to losing. It’s also important to consider home-field advantage when betting against the spread.

Over/Under Market

NFL handicapping on under-market bets have a lower chance to grand you a win compared to over bets. When an over/under line moves upwards, the defense and offense are analyzed for competing teams. You need to realize that NFL totals are usually lower than the average college because of the consistent defensive plays throughout 32 team games.


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