Sports are unpredictable, which is what makes betting all the more fun and not to mention, risky. The underdogs rising from the ashes are usually some of the best stories in gaming history. Therefore, we decided to share some of the most historic MLB upsets ever. Let’s dive in!

Top 3 Historic MLB Upsets

1. Boston Red Sox over New York Yankees, 2004

No other team has ever been able to win a seven-game postseason series after dropping the first three matches before the 2004 Red Sox. The fact that the Red Sox defeated the opposing New York Yankees in the 2004 American League Champion Championship contributed to their success. The Yankees appear to be a crowd favourite since they perform in the largest media industry in the nation, they have a team full of legends of the game, and they have won numerous championships over the decades. As a result, it shouldn’t be a shock that they lost in a few of baseball’s greatest upsets.

2. Louis Cardinal over Detroit Tigers, 2006

The 2006 St. Louis Cardinals didn’t have anything that signaled World Series potential. Their offense was ordinary, and among playoff contenders, they gave up the second-most runs.

The Detroit Tigers, in contrast, had an AL-best record of 95–67. The Tigers gave up the lowest runs in the leagues, led by a lineup that featured Justin Verlander and Kenny Rogers.

To advance to the World Series, the Cardinals had to pull off significant victories over MLB’s top teams, the New York Mets and the San Diego Padres. On their road to the Championship Series, the Detroit Tigers beat the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees as well!

3. Pirates Over Yankees, 1960 World Series

The Yankees have dominated American games more than any other team. The Yankees have won 27 World Series championships in all, which is a record-high number. The Yankees entered their heyday in 1960 thanks to the presence of 3 of Major League Baseball’s greatest athletes in Yogi Berra, Roger Maris, and Mickey Mantle. The Pittsburgh Pirates were a poorer team on practically all fronts. Even though the Pirates’ lineup had former hitting champions Roberto Clemente and Dick Groat during their peak form, their pitching was unreliable, and they were unable to equal the Yankees’ offensive capability.

Wrap Up

That brings our historic MLB upset round-up to an end. These 3 were by far our favorite upsets. You never know what this season might bring you, which is why our free MLB expert picks and advice are here so you can place the most profitable bets!

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