September is the final month of regular-season baseball. Therefore, it’s a chance for teams to compete for postseason spots. But teams generally aren’t the only ones giving their best in September. Both hitters and pitchers compete for major baseball awards, including the MVP. In addition, September is another important month for baseball bettors, as they get into betting before the playoffs.

Are you looking for tips for MLB betting? Here are some Major League Baseball predictions, discussing the best pitchers and hitters to bet on during September matches.

Pitcher # 1 — Justin Verlander from the Astros

Justin Verlander fans know that he’s a star player through and through! This means that he performs well throughout the year. However, his performance reaches a whole new level during the end-of-year matches. In September, his ERA reached a fantastic low of 2.84. Moreover, he has the highest strikeout rate in the September/October baseball season. Last year it was 46-18, which is just wow!

Moreover, he also has the best strikeout-to-walk rate, showing his real strength: late-season games. Justin Verlander fans, including us, hope to see him at the ballpark soon, showcasing his magic this September.

Pitcher # 2 — Michael Pineda from the Tigers

While Michael Pineda isn’t as popular as Justin Verlander, it’s no secret that his game also reaches new heights in September. His usual ERA in other months is 3.70, but it improves in September/October. Statistics show that he gets a 3.14 ERA in September, which is a fantastic change of events! Michael Pineda demonstrated 17% better performance in September than in other months.

Hitter # 1 — Eugenio Suarez from the Mariners

No hitter had a better September 2021 than Eugenio Suarez! He’s been the fourth-best hitter since September 2018. Eugenio Suarez usually has an OPS of 0.797. However, in the September of the past five years, his OPS has risen to 1.002. In September 2021, he enjoyed hitting the ball, making 10 home runs in 24 games!

Hitter # 2 — Bobby Dalbec from the Red Sox

We all have seen Bobby Dalbec outperform himself in the final months of every year, especially demonstrating his hitting talent in September. In the last two years (2020 and 2021), Bobby Dalbec had the highest home run totals of any in the September/October season.

Even though this 27-year-old had a rough year, we’re hoping that he’ll work his baseball magic again in September. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for him to swing his bat as many times as possible in September 2022.

A hitter swinging their bat to hit the ball during an MLB match

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