Sports handicapping has become a successful venture in the sports world. Many sports enthusiasts are becoming sports handicappers to make good money while reporting on their chosen sports.

In today’s modern era, sports handicappers in the industry are using social media and the power of the internet to earn more income and gather a more extensive base of customers. Let’s discuss the role social media is playing in the sports handicapping industry.

Using Online Platforms to Sell Picks

Many sports handicappers have created their own blogs on the internet to sell picks. These handicappers often earn upwards of $50,000 per month in donations. Others have also started their own podcasts so they can report live on the sports their fans enjoy watching the most.

Using Twitter and Instagram

Twitter and Instagram are two social media platforms that are becoming increasingly popular in the sports handicapping industry. A number of sports handicappers use both platforms to sell picks and post projections, mock draft rounds, etc.

Both Twitter and Instagram attract different buyer pools. Handicappers need to use different strategies on each site to ensure they build up and maintain a loyal customer base. For example, Twitter has a limited word count on individual tweets, and buyers prefer to have short, concise, and specific information given to them on this platform.

On the other hand, Instagram has more room for words and hashtags, but handicappers need a relevant picture and a snappy caption with each post to entice buyers into reading the whole thing.

Moreover, some statistics show that handicappers earn more money on Twitter, but Instagram is slowly becoming hotter in the market. However, handicappers need to be careful as many accounts that are solely marketing-driven have been recently getting banned on the platform.

A basketball player dunking a ball into the basket

Using YouTube

Reading posts and tweets is the most common approach among buyers who respond to advertisements and venture into the sports handicapping world. Watching videos comes in at second.

Many handicappers use YouTube to post videos of their picks and predictions and garner up thousands of views. Posting on YouTube has the advantage of earning money by including advertisements in each video by the social media platform.

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