Money line betting is a time-honored tradition in sports wagers.  In fact, the money line bet was probably the first type of bet to be placed institutionally. Let’s look at how money line betting works and how it can help you make the best NBA picks to win.

What Is Money Line Betting?

Money line betting is the simplest format of sports betting. When placing a bet, the bettor simply picks the winning side with no other variables to bet on. If you’re placing a money line bet, you simply have to pick the winner and nothing else.

Although it’s the simplest form of sports betting, other factors are still involved, and sportsbooks and oddsmakers keep this in mind.

How Do The Game Results Matter in Money line Betting?

In a money line bet, the wager simply accounts for one team winning against another. Once the game ends, your result may show up one of three ways in the sportsbook –  when, lose, and draw.

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How Is Money Line Betting Better?

Typically, the money line is favored over the other options in betting because of its simplicity and intuitive decision-making, especially for those who just dabble in gambling.  Choose the winning team, and you win. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Another factor there favors the bettor is that bookmakers generally take lower vig in money line betting.  This is why money line is a favorite amongst sports bettors, whether they do it recreationally or to make a profit.

Lastly, your money line bet aligns with the interests of the team that you’re betting on.  For instance, if you were betting on the New York Knicks against the Cleveland Cavaliers, with the Knicks down by three points, with 20 seconds to go on the clock.

The wig doesn’t matter in the Knicks making the three points. They can either make the shot and win or lose and be unable to cover the spread. This makes money line bets far more attractive in this scenario.  If the Knicks win, you win. This is much simpler than other types of bets.

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