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The LSU Tigers went undefeated in 2019-20 while capturing their first BCS title in the new playoff era. Head Coach Ed Orgeron received a contract extension and divorced in the same year. Ohio State transfer Joe Burrow won the Heisman Trophy and is now forever in the hearts of Bayou Bengals fans. Fans in Baton Rouge have filled Tiger Stadium on Saturdays forever but the festive environment is in jeopardy for the 2020 regular season. It’s not just in the State Capital of Louisiana but all over the nation. The Corvid19 virus has turned our great nation upside down while hitting the sports and entertainment industry especially hard. Opinions vary and while we understand the severity of the virus many prefer to be FREE rather than SAFE.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy made headlines saying that he hoped coaches would be able to come work at the team’s offices on or before May 1st. He also mentioned he wanted players back on campus as soon as possible and he was serious. The reason he said is that we need to funnel money into the state of Oklahoma which I agree with. It makes all the sense in the world. When did our great nation become fragile, while many are playing it safe their’s no certainty in life and we must get back to becoming productive, at all costs? It’s what made up great. Playing games in empty stadiums is not an option right now, denying fans to root on their favorite College Football teams would indicate we’re a nation of cowards.

College Football and Basketball provide nonrevenue sports to propel at most Power Five institutes. The psychological part alone would alienate our great nation and we all need something to cheer about right now. Football, especially at the College level has a tremendous impact on our society bringing Americans from all walks of life together on any given Saturday. Have we become too dependent on Football, Basketball, and Baseball? No, it provides revenue and opportunity in different ways. This Sports Handicapper understands how devastating the current situation is but we’re resilient people who’ve overcome so much. It’s time to get back into action by taking risk which begins with a positive mind-set followed by getting prepared the appropriate steps. Let’s all make this a day at a time but waiting too long will be more of a liability than an asset.

The top team of Sports Handicappers at is doing our part by keeping a positive attitude while supporting whatever decision our president makes during this trying time in our country. DON’T FORGET OUR HORSE RACING PREDICTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.


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2018-19 .College Football Picks|Free NFL Picks.

Charlies Sports: Records.

2019. SUPER BOWL. 2-0.

2018-19. College Football Regular Season 500-star Signature Betting Predictions. 71-30.

2018-19. NFL and College Football Late Breaking Information Picks. 47-13. 

2018. NFL Regular Season Record on 500-star Signature Betting Picks. 64-34-5.

2018. NFL Late Breaking Plays. 12-4.

2019. NFL Playoff Record. 5-3.

2018- NFL Signature Plays 15-6.

2018. Late Breaking NFL and NCAA Football Plays 17-6.

2018-19. NCAA Football Bowl ATS Predictions 20-8.


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