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NCAA Articles




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The basketball season is here and the patrons are trying their luck on basketball betting. It is a high voltage betting season this time and winning and losing is a part of it. If you are a passionate patron, you must be investing your money in this season too but if you are not doing it with Charlie’s Sports you may be missing out something. We at Charlie’s sports take our job quite seriously and thus we bring betting opportunities with maximum winning possibilities. Our NCAA basketball picks are smash hit this time and it is not just this season but we have shown great performance for all the previous seasons too.

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If you are looking for free NBA picks that will actually make you win money, then have a look at our performance. If you can check how our handicappers performed in previous seasons you will know why we have so much dedicated patrons who don’t go anywhere else as far as NBA picks are concerned. We have been in the field of basketball handicapping for last 30 years and we have seen all the ups and downs in the sport and teams that participate. We have followed every season of NBA and that is why we can provide free NBA picks so confidently. We have inner knowledge about the teams and the players and thus can understand the odds that are going to come this season. You can trust us once and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with us. 


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While looking for free basketball picks and NCAA basketball picks, you can always choose from the packages that we offer. 500-star NBA Can’t Miss Triple lock 3 and 500-star ESPN NCAA Basketball are two of our best options where you just cannot lose. We employ the largest scouting network of the nation and all our handicappers are quite proficient in their job. The rates we offer for the betting is just unbelievable and you have to go through our website to check what all we are offering. If you are interested in free NBA picks you can just visit our website and check out the details of our offering. You can also call us on our toll free number 1 866 252 0096 and clear any doubt that you may have regarding basketball betting.

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