Apart from the talent on each side, several elements influence the outcome of NBA betting throughout the regular season. Unlike in the NFL, where every game is crucial, NBA clubs have greater room for squad rotation, allowing star players to rest and improve overall squad health.

Due to these reasons, NBA betting during the regular season appears extremely difficult for handicappers. Knowing how to use the data to your advantage can make things a lot easier.

In this blog, we’ll go over three handicapping considerations that you should think about before placing your wagers.

Battles between Individuals

When you discuss great player vs. team battles like the 2010s, most famous LeBron vs. the Raptors and Jordan against the Pistons in the ’80s, you realize that player vs. team and player vs. player tussles are deep-rooted in the NBA.

Throughout their careers, some superstars have battled to get past specific, weaker players. It’s critical to think about these games and determine what they signify in terms of betting consequences.

Understanding individual battles will not only help you better anticipate which side will cover the spread or win but also assist you in winning some prop bets along the road.

DNPs – Did Not Play – Star Players Missing Games

The NBA is one of the few sports leagues (if not the only one) where star players are significant to their team’s success. With only five players on each team, a single individual can be a game-changer, determining whether a team wins or loses.

Because the NBA season has 82 games, clubs must retain their marquee players in top shape. It’s not unusual for top players to miss a few games during the season. Look for the players in the game and watch out for the ones not playing before betting on a team.

Consecutive Matches

While it isn’t as common as it used to be, it still happens during NBA season. Yes, we’re talking about two games in a row. NBA teams are still compelled to play on successive nights—often in different cities—much to the players’ dismay.

Given the NBA’s high level of competition, it’s not unexpected that even the best teams have a lower winning rate in the second of two games.

Another important consideration is the location. When teams play back-to-back home or away games, their performance does not suffer as much as when they play at home in the first game and then travel for the second.

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