For a baseball lover, there’s nothing better than placing a wager on their preferred team and making big money after winning the bet! However, sometimes, your Major League Baseball predictions might not lead to your desired results, as upsets are a major part of every MLB season. Therefore, it’s essential to spot an upset from a mile away and make informed bets.

Here are some major factors that lead to upsets in MLB. Read up on how you can spot them.

Is the Park for Hitters or Pitchers?

Whenever you’re handicapping a baseball game, you need to consider the park where the game will happen. In baseball games, every park is different, and the whole playing field doesn’t get standardized. Instead, only the pitcher’s mound, diamond, and foul lines are standardized in an MLB game.

Other dimensions, like the wall heights, are decided by the franchises. With every park being different, it shouldn’t be surprising that some parks are favorable for pitchers while others work better for hitters.

A different park  is one of the major factors that can lead to an upset in an MLB game. A team with a great pitching history can fall behind because the park favors the hitters and vice versa. Moreover, the park type can bring out the otherwise-hidden talent of the underdogs in an MLB game, resulting in a historic upset!

Therefore, look into the park type and the previous hitting and pitching statistics on a park before placing a bet. Who knows, you might get on the right side and win by placing a wager on the underdog!

Who’s the Umpire?

You might be surprised that umpire placement is one of the major factors leading to upsets in MLB games. An umpire has the power to determine the strike zone and how the players are supposed to act in a game. If the umpire is using a small strike zone, the hitters will have an advantage and you can spot an upset with more overall runs.

However, if the umpire gives the zone to the pitchers, you can expect a lower score and frequent strikeouts. Therefore, tracking the history of all four umpires in an MLB game is essential if you want to spot an upset.

Does the Team Only Perform Well at Their Home Ground?

Are you betting on the season’s favorite during an MLB game? But what if this team only performs well at their home and this match will happen in another park?

That’s a solid factor for an upset! If you want to spot upsets for an MLB game, check both teams’ home and away records to determine if the underdogs will take the lead.

A pitcher pitching the bowl during an MLB game

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