The NCAA men’s basketball tournament will start in March 2023. The last tournament was extremely exciting and we can’t imagine the top-tier basketball, the passion, and, of course, the betting next season. Even though the tournament is still quite a few months away, many people are looking for NCAA basketball betting predictions to be ready for the March madness!

Are you one of those? Here’s your guide to betting during a men’s NCAA tournament.

Don’t Bet on Every Game

Even if you’re a professional NCAA bettor, you need to remember that the NCAA isn’t a race! You don’t get additional points for betting on every game. Therefore, it’s essential to pick some games for betting out of the 60-70 games schedule during the NCAA tournament.

Moreover, don’t get dejected if you lose a wager for one game. It doesn’t make sense to expect to win every wager you place. Just pick your spots and hope that your favorite team works its magic!

Be Aware of In-Game Events

Do you know that you can bet during a game? This is different from pre-game betting, where you have little to no knowledge of factors that can change the course of a game. In-game betting allows you to watch a game and learn as much as possible before placing the wager.

Moreover, if you’re betting during the game, you can take into account events that happened in the game and place an informed bet—and we all know how it is; the more informed and backed by statistics your bet is, the higher your chances of winning.

Don’t Be Afraid to Place a Wager on the Underdogs

Do you know that the NCAA has a history of many underdog teams winning outright? Talk about massive upsets! Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that NCAA prediction experts recommend you think out of the box and place bets on underdogs whenever possible.

Backing underdogs by betting on them is especially profitable earlier in the tournament, but that doesn’t mean you should only place wagers on new teams at the start. In fact, analyze data and statistics to determine when underdogs can cause a historic upset!

Big Names Can Easily Lose

Betting on a premium team with big franchises means you’ll have to pay a much higher price. Most people prefer betting on big teams, which means that even if the big team wins, you’ll get a lower payout on your wager. However, if this popular team loses, it’ll cause a huge dent in your wallet!

An example of this is Duke, which won the national title in 2015. Therefore, it’s a fan favorite and many people prefer betting on it. But since then, Duke hasn’t been able to win many games, and people betting on them usually go home with empty pockets.

A basketball used during the NCAA

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