There are several ways to bet in MLB, including run line, money line, prop bets, over or under and parlay. However, how does each one work, and which one is better for you? To successfully understand MLB picks and parlays, let’s discuss each handicapping method and what they entail.

Run Line

Run line bets are considered between uneven odds and teams. This spread or line flips the odds or evens them out. The line is usually about 1.5 runs, but it can be anything, particularly during live betting.

To understand how a spread works, assume that Mets have -1.5 runs and Marlins have +1.5 runs. If the Mets win a game 5-4, the score will be based on the run line that benefits Marlins 4-3.5. On the other hand, if the Mets win 6-4, the line will favor the Mets at 4.5-4.

MLB playoff odds can change during the game due to the run line. Continuing the example above, the Mets can become +150 underdogs with a -1.5 line, and the Marlins can become +130 with the same line. The spread’s odds change because baseball, as a game, is often close, and games get decided within very few runs.

Prop Bets

These bets are the most fun and risky wagers for any MLB better. Prop bets can be based on certain factors in a game, or players can have their prop bets. People may even include the length of the National Anthem into prop bets.

These bets are usually made in bigger games like an opening day or world series. Daily prop bets are game-focused. To better understand how this works, let’s assume that Jacob deGrom is on a mound for the Mets with a strikeout of 7.5 over/under.

The lines will normally be pretty even from -150 to +150. However, if Jacob deGrom strikes more than 7, it’s over, and less than 8 is under.


A parlay describes two or more wagers placed together on a single ticket. These bets can combine any bets within one game, and betters can parlay for a team winning. What’s more, betters can also parlay on the money line and a run line.

It’s important to understand that parlays have a much higher payout than any other handicapping method, but these are also extremely risky. It’s because the risk is multiplied. After all, more than one bet is placed on a single ticket.

Money Line

Money line wagers are placed on the paper outcome of a match. Teams are given different odds and probabilities, which the oddsmakers think they have for winning. However, for balancing out the skill level within a game, the team’s mound and pitcher level is used.

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