Betting on college basketball is a common practice, and even though it sounds easy, it can be different from the usual sports betting you’re used to. Similar to NBA, college basketball is an over/under sport. Betting on college basketball is very different from betting on NBA playoffs and pros.

First of all, you’re not investing in professional players. Instead, they’re young college athletes, so the game can go either way. Moreover, the college playoffs are larger in quantity as opposed to professional plays offs. This shows several unequal pairings, and you need to approach things differently.

However, to help you out, here are some ways to start college basketball wagering on the right foot. Let’s begin!

Bet Against Top Ranked Teams

It’s fairly simple and easy to bet on prominent performing teams and players. Most bettors would invest in similar teams and players, which will cause an inflated line. However, to win big during your sports wagering, ensure you’re betting on the underdogs.

Since everyone is betting on the well-performing athletes, you can enjoy a larger profit and better stakes if the other team or player wins.

Good Field Goal Shooting Unders


Contrary to popular belief, betting on the under is more profitable than betting on the mainstream overs.

Most bettors will bet on overs since they promise a fun watch, some high scoring on the ground, and great cash at the end. However, if you’re watching and betting on a game with teams with good field goal rates, you need to bet on the unders for a better profit. The inflated unders can help you win drastically with all the focus on the overs.

Big Road Conference Plays

Most conference plays don’t start until the winter season. Most of these conference plays are heated and competitive games. Not only are these fun to watch, but they provide a huge benefit to the underdogs. Most bettors would assume that a home-court advantage will help the home team win. However, the contrary is true.

While everyone overvalues the home-court advantage, underdogs perform to their abilities and are often able to win the game.

Low Total Overs

Low total overs are a great way to win a betting game. Many sports handicappers have often advised people to go against the obvious choice. A pro tip to remember when betting is to keep an eye out for nationally televised games since the larger public is involved in betting. The big conference showdowns with super low totals will reduce the public’s chances of winning, and you can bag some great cash.

 Secure Your Betting with Expert Advice

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