Experts pride themselves in making the right picks and the approach.  You can raise your chances of making a pick through expert betting predictions and recommendations.

What Are NBA Picks

These are the betting options that you have when it comes to NBA games during the season.  They come in a wide variety of packages and a variety of sources, each with its own approach.

The experts’ approach consists of research, expertise, and knowledge of the sport and the teams. These are the recommended options for the average bettor to make some quick and easy cash.

You have to find the best picks, given the current odds. NBA betting pics include:

  • Parlay picks
  • Spread pics
  • Feature pics
  • Prop picks

For instance, if an expert commented that the Cleveland Cavaliers would win the next NBA championship at +750, you can consider it an NBA pick.

How To Find The Best Picks?

Social media has played a big role recently, with more and more experts giving vastly different advice. Along with the experts on podcasts, radio, blogs, and TV to get your picks from.  There are also websites and apps that you can use to get to make a winning bet.

Knowing where to get the best picks from is a skill developed over time. To distinguish between good and bad picks, you must make a few mistakes along the way. But to start winning, you need to do your research before you bet on anything.

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One of the things to consider is the source of the information when you make your picks.  How reputable are they? And how consistently have they predicted the results?

However, you can’t take the advice just by going on Twitter To follow an account with 100 followers.  This could be a growing account, but since the best ones rise to the top, whomever you follow should have a following that reflects that.

It’s still early, but here’s a list for our NCAA 2022 Tournament.


  • San Diego St.
  • Wisconsin
  • Mississippi St.
  • Utah State


  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Saint Mary’s
  • Washington St.


  • Virginia
  • UCF
  • Louisville
  • John’s


  • Wichita St.
  • Providence
  • San Francisco
  • Cincinnati

How to Win?

Telling good picks from the bad ones is the key to success. If you’re new to betting, you can pick one or two on your favorite team to get started.

You can also get help from our expert sports handicappers at Charlies Sports. With over three decades of experience in the sports betting industry, we can pick the best NBA teams for you to bet on.

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