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2019-20. College Football Regular Season 500-star Signature Betting Predictions. 71-30.

2019-20. NFL and College Football Late Breaking Information Picks. 47-13.

2019-20. NFL Regular Season Record on Signature Betting Picks. 64-34-5.

2019-20. NFL Late Breaking Plays. 22-7.

2020. NFL Playoff Record. 4-2.

2019-20. NCAA Football Bowl ATS Predictions 28-11.

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The 2019-20 season was one of the most memorable in year’s culminating in longtime head coach Andy Reid hoisting the Lombardi trophy at Hard Rock Stadium outside of Miami. Much has changed since Reid along with third-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs Kingdom to the title. NFL owners and executives have plenty of work ahead with the annual NFL draft scheduled for late April in jeopardy. Future NFL prospects haven’t been able to travel for interviews for teams but someone will get lucky and find a diamond in the rough. The owner has turned their product into a multi-billion dollar business making the NFL a year-long process with fans all over the country and abroad sporting their favorite team merchandise. No better city deserved the title the loyalist in Kansas City.

Corvid19 has shut down our “GREAT NATION” which is something none of us could imagine but we haven’t seen anything yet as the number of cases continues to rise. Total devastation in a nation this sports handicapper loves. The next month will tell a lot about where we are as a nation with mental health at the forefront but we’re resilient people. Corvid19 has already canceled out the annual March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament which the final four would have been played this past weekend in Atlanta. People helping people is what we should be focusing on as of now. However, there are plenty of conspiracy theories among friends, family, coworkers or whoever you ask on the street. The bottom line is nobody knows what’s going on and the average American can’t deal with uncertainty.

LSU Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Joe Burrow seems to be the consensus top overall pick in the 2020 draft but he’s not the best and Cincinnati should trade the pick. He’s more Mitchell Trubisky than Patrick Mahomes and the city of Cincinnati can’t afford to make a popular pick because of Burrow hails from Athens, Ohio. University of Alabama signal-caller Tua Tagovailoa will be a star and the Cincinnati Bengals will be a perfect fit. It shouldn’t be a hard choice for Cincinnati owner Mike Brown, he can’t miss on this one. Fans everywhere are tired of mediocrity but we Americans love football and it’ll continue to be a cash cow. The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing more than their usual amount of games in London next season and that’s sending a message to North Florida along with the rest of medium market cities. Friends let’s get through our current crisis by helping each other to the best of our abilities.

The top team of Sports Handicappers at is doing our part by keeping a positive attitude while supporting whatever decision our president makes during this trying time in our country. DON’T FORGET OUR HORSE RACING PREDICTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.

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