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2018-19. College Football Regular Season 500-star Signature Betting Predictions. 71-30.

2018-19. NFL and College Football Late Breaking Information Picks. 47-13. 

2018-19. NFL Regular Season Record on Signature Betting Picks. 64-34-5.

2018-19. NFL Late Breaking Plays. 22-7.

2019. NFL Playoff Record. 4-1.

2018-19. NCAA Football Bowl ATS Predictions 22-15.

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Speaking of the New England Patriots, Rob Gronkowski made headlines recently announcing his retirement for the NFL at twenty-nine years of age. Getting back to the owners meeting they voted to eliminate blindside blocks which is defined as (a player who initiates a block when he is moving toward or parallel to his end line and makes contact to his opponent with his helmet).

It sounds like the same rule as hitting a defenseless player which is a rule already in effect. Blindside blocks caused One-third of all concussions on punts so why not just outlaw punts. Many believe they’re going too far with the rule as fans will agree there nothing like watching a player get hit when he’s not looking. I know it sounds cruel, but it’s why most of us view the game. While seeing the television show 60 minutes, I couldn’t help but to notice a segment on sports wagering and saw it with enthusiasm. As football fans, we’ll soon care less about brutal hits we’re accustomed to for rooting for a team to cover the POINT SPREAD which for some will become an obsession beyond human aid. It’ll no longer be a family Sunday, but a day where Dad or Mom sits like a drug addict pretending he has a magic potion to make a player do as he wishes.

A lot of attention this season surrounds the Cleveland Browns who could have the most talent in the AFC North. At least that’s what Baltimore Ravens head coach Jon Harbaugh believes. Odell Beckham Jr, who’ll team with his College teammate Jarvis Landry and don’t sleep on Antonio Callaway who had a spectacular rookie campaign. Former Chiefs controversial running back Kareem Hunt will serve an eight-game suspension, but Nick Chubb and Duke Johnson can carry the load. The Browns also signed defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson to go with a young group that can play. Pittsburgh lost Antonio Brown and a great running back last named Bell, and the Cincinnati Bengals seem to be rebuilding. Baltimore should be worried about the Cleveland Browns for the 2019-20 season.


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