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In October of 2019 Houston Rockets, general manager Daryl Morey sent a tweet talking about communist China which was his opinion which exposed a powerful nation. What followed sent the NBA reeling as Chinese officials began taking down logos of NBA team at various venues in the nation that has been know to do business in the nation. Superstar LeBron James failed miserably in an attempt to clear the air due to his endorsements in a place where labor is cheap. Commissioner Adam Silver then took to the podium and backed Morey which LeBron failed to do protecting his business interests. The NBA shut down in early March due to the corvid19 virus and the other major sports league followed the lead of Silver. Newly constructed Arenas have been empty for over three weeks and who knows when fans will be able to cheer for their favorite teams or stars.

NBA players build their social media status while inking astronomical salaries providing an opportunity for generational wealth. Shoe deals with Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour have skyrocketed over the past decade. Who knows how long it’ll last and with the conditions of our nation something has to give. Fans flock to arenas paying a premium for tickets and snacks which are barely affordable. A family of four will spend as much as $500.00 if not more for a night of fun watching an NBA contest live.

The league is pushing for players to take a 50 percent cut to their paychecks starting April 15, with the NBAPA countering with a 25% pay cut. This sports handicapper is surprised a greedy bunch of rich athletes even responded but they didn’t have a choice. If nothing else it provides an excuse for them to cut of family members and hanger-on who they support. However, what’s the long term effect of all this? Have we seen the last of escalating salaries in the players in the first league? The NFL is corporate and runs a tight ship where nobody is larger than the team logo. Did LeBron James put his foot in his mouth by judging president Donald Trump and his policies while doing business with a communist nation? It all has come full circle and will the public still support the lifestyles of overpriced athletes. A friend once told me as long as the gladiators show up, people will pay to see them but has this run it’s the course? Only time will tell.


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