It’s no secret that Americans are sports fanatics. In 2021, 57.5 million people watched live sports at least once a month, whether football or basketball. The large audience serves as a reminder that the sports craze isn’t going away anytime soon.

If you enjoy watching football or basketball, it’s time to start betting on them to make some money. This blog will talk about football and basketball betting in detail and help you decide the best sport to bet on.

The Similarities

The most popular bet in both games is the one where you predict the final winner of the match. Although these are low-paying bets, they are the easiest and safest. You can wager on player analytics and individual game scores in both games.

You can further involve several metrics in your bets to make it more lucrative, such as how many points the winning team will win or who will commit a foul first.

The Differences

You can’t ignore the fact that football is a more loved game than basketball globally. With 3.5 billion fans worldwide, football dominated the 2.2 billion basketball fans, making it the most watched sport in the world.

NFL spreads are released a week before the game and alter based on the bets placed on the game. This also gives the bettors enough time to think well and research well before placing a bet.

On the other hand, NBA spreads are released on the day of the game or a night before the game, so there’s less time for bettors to put their stats into action.

Which Sport Is The Best To Bet On?

It’s best to wager on the game you enjoy watching because that’s what you’re going to watch more often to have the latest updates, and also, you’ll have a better understanding of the game to place successful bets.

You’ll stay updated with the latest trends and odds, increasing your chances of winning. It also depends on the website you pick to bet on the sport, whether it’s an online casino or a specialized sportsbook. The website must have experienced bettors and analysts on board to provide expert predictions to help you win bets.

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