Many people believe that the popularity of baseball is dying down, but is that true? We don’t think so! You’ll be surprised to know that the MLB World Series had an average viewership of 11.2 million during its 2021 season.

Baseball is an exciting sport, and you can enjoy it even more by following the 2022 MLB season. Keep reading this blog to find everything about the 2022 Major League Baseball (MLB) season.

The Schedule Of MLB 2022 Season

The season had a grand opening day on 7th April 2022. If you don’t want to miss out on exciting baseball matches, we recommend you tune in as soon as possible.

MLB organizers expect this season to have 162 games. Although the opening day was delayed, they still hope to complete all the matches in the season’s timeframe. With such a long baseball season this year that ends in the first week of October, teams will have to manage their players effectively to avoid any injuries.

If you’re betting on the MLB seasons, we recommend you view the schedule beforehand to check which teams have a difficult schedule so that you can avoid betting on them.

Which Team Can Win MLB In 2022?

Want to find out which teams might perform well in the 2022 MLB season? Here are three teams we think can win the season this year:

Toronto Blue Jays

In 2021, the Toronto Blue Jays had multiple injuries to star players like George Springer, Alek Manoah, Jose Berrios, and Marcus Semien. Even with so many injuries, they managed to win ninety-one games. Barring any injuries this year, we expect them to perform well and win more matches.

Los Angeles Dodgers

With superstars like Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel on their team, the Los Angeles Dodgers are destined to win many matches this season. They’ve got an elite offense and extensive squad depth, which can help them deal with any unforeseen circumstances.

Houston Astros

We expect Houston Astros to play well this season because their team is full of young, talented players like Kyle Tucker and Yordan Alvarez. They’ve got a strong offense, which can score runs quickly and help them win the title in 2022.

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