According to statistics, almost 35% of NFL games result in an upset.

An upset in a football game can completely change the course of a season and the sports betting game. Whether it’s an underdog performing well or witnessing record-breaking comebacks for different players, upsets can become some of the most exciting moments in the history of a game.

Regardless of what the upset represents, it can affect football history for years to come. As a betting novice, you should be aware of some monumental upsets in football history to make an informed decision about your betting priorities. Learn all about some of the most iconic upsets in history here.

Butler Vs. Youngstown State

What had started as a game favoring the Youngstown state, quickly became an unexpected upset. Despite having 63 athletes on football scholarships under their wing, a few improper judgments forced Youngstown State to lose a fairly easy match.

With barely nine minutes to play, the Butlers managed to regain their strength and trailed up to a score of 21-20. These close statistics then turned into a legendary win for the Butlers over the Youngstown State, causing several to lose bets.

Howard Vs. UNLV

A football player in a red and black jersey standing on the football field.

In 2017, UNLV was favored immensely and didn’t even set up a spread for the game. However, as the game progressed, the Howard performed fairly well, winning the game by a whole 3 points.

The minor betting agencies that had set up a spread for this game and favored Howard over the home-advantaged team were able to make a fortune from the bets.

Stanford Vs. USC

Even though Stanford started as an underdog in the game, Stanford’s five forced turnovers and a blocked point helped them maintain the game and keep a close balance between the two. However, it was Stanford’s Pritchard 10-yard touchdown that completely turned the game around.

The presumed underdogs were able to capture the game and create history. Similar to all these experiences, these upsets helped expert handicappers assess and understand how underdogs can effectively perform in certain situations.

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