If you’re looking for some quality betting action, there are few markets that can match college basketball. However, with over 350 Division I teams spread across over 30 conferences in the NCAA, it can be quite a challenge to handicap the overwhelming numbers of teams and games.

Thankfully, Charlies Sports is here to guide you. Our NCAAB picks, predictions, and strategies come from handicapping experts who have extensive experience.

So, without any further ado, here are three pro tips that will help you find consistent success with your college hoops bets.

Keep Records

Keeping records, regardless of the sport you’re betting on, is a habit we constantly stress upon. Keeping records is particularly important if you want to make consistently profitable college basketball bets. In fact, record-keeping is considered to be the name of the game by many of the brightest minds in college basketball.

Why? Well, unlike popular betting sports, college basketball is a perpetual exercise in information overload. The sheer volume of games can be overwhelming, and for each game, there are hundreds of betting sites making lines and predictions based on all types of home-made formulas and algorithms.

However, if you manage and filter all of this properly, it can be a huge blessing.

Watch The Games

You just can’t make profitable bets on a consistent basis by just looking at the numbers sheets. The most successful bettors have superb betting instincts, which they develop through watching games. When you watch games, you get to learn not just only how many points a player is producing per game, but also how they’re producing them. You find out the strength and weaknesses of teams. In other words, you gain education on the immeasurable aspects of the game.

Exactly how beneficial this is differs from bettor to bettor, but trust us; the insights you get from simply watching games can be invaluable.

Specialize In A Region Or Conference

With so many games and teams in college basketball, it’s virtually impossible to keep tabs on everything and get the quality information you need to make consistently profitable bets. However, you can get a betting edge if you specialize and narrow down your choices.

For instance, let’s say you support a team in the Big East conference. Now, that conference comprises nine other teams. If you follow your team closely, the chances are that you’re also in touch with the going-ons in the conference and know how the other teams are doing in terms of coaching, recruiting, etc. So, in other words, you have built-in homework on nine other teams. That’s an edge right there!

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