The Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, Buffalo Bills, and Kansas City Chiefs are the top teams battling for the championship as the Super Bowl LVII race heats up. Since appearing at the forefront of the predicted favorites category in the preseason, the Bills and Chiefs have remained the front-runners throughout the whole season. But don’t discount the 49ers and Eagles, who have surpassed their preseason expectations and are now frequently predicted to win the Lombardi Trophy.

Before you start super bowl betting 2023, here are some odds to help you out!

Super Bowl Betting 2023 Odds

Odds on the Super Bowl will fluctuate all through the playoffs. Let’s see whose odds are getting better!

Buffalo Bills: From +700 to +375

The Buffalo Bills are currently gearing up for the postseason after a hectic week. The good thing is that the AFC Championship game, should they play the Chiefs, will take place on a neutral court. Since the Bills might face the Cincinnati Bengals in a challenging division series contest, bookmakers are probably giving the Chiefs the advantage. However, this isn’t a horrible figure to buy the Super Bowl favorites going into the playoffs if you nevertheless trust them.

Kansas City Chiefs: From +900 to +375

Without a doubt, the Kansas City Chiefs have the AFC’s clearest route to the Super Bowl. Not only were they given the playoff spot and a bye in the opening round, but they also won’t face the Cincinnati Bengals or the Buffalo Bills till a possible matchup against one of those groups in the AFC Championship Game. You could recall that they defeated the Bills in overtime during the divisional game of the previous season before falling to the Bengals in the AFC playoffs. The Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes are in a very favorable situation right now.

Philadelphia Eagles: From 4000+ to 500+

Out of all the leading Super Bowl candidates, the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl odds have increased the most. They won the NFC East and received a first-round bye in the NFC by virtue of their 14-3 routine performance. The group will take a much-needed week’s vacation. There are several injured players, including quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is currently nursing a shoulder issue. For a team that just needs to win 2 games to make the Super Bowl, their chances are still good.

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