Last year, the 2020 MLB predictions went down the drain when the risk of the virus hit us, and we had to settle for a pandemic-shortened 60-game season. The temporary realignment of the game schedules pleased no one. 2021 is definitely a better and a fresher year! Here’s how we think things will unfold this season:

The Chicago Clubs are expected to finish below .500

When you think of all the divisions in baseball, the NL Central usually appears to be the weakest. At the same time, the Pittsburgh Pirates are starting to rebuild, the Cincinnati Reds are paring back, and the Milwaukee Brewer’s performance is regressing. During the same time, the Chicago Cubs might as well step back a little.

Even if they did win the division in 2020, the team is nowhere where it used to be. Much of this can be credited to the loss of veterans like Jason Kipnis, Jon Lester, and Kyle Schwarber. Other than that, core players liken Bryant and Baez also took a lot of miscalculated steps in the game. All of this means that the year ahead won’t be easy.

Ke’Bryan might win Rookie of the Year

Ke’Bryan Hayes had an impressive debut in 2020, which just means that there is more success coming in at him. In fact, we strongly believe that he is one of the few bright spots on an otherwise mediocre performing Pirates team. The 23-years old magician has a record of hitting five homers in around 24 games. Last summer, the man posted a 1.124 OPS. This garnered him the sixth-place finish in the NL Rookie. We are sure he will make it big again in 2021. We are also expecting a 4.0 WAR and a 30-homer season.

Mike Trout will make it big for the first time.

Our experts suggest that Mike Trout will hit 50 homers for the first time in his career so far. Despite being an excellent credential holder and being in the majors for ten years, Trout has never managed to lead the American League in home runs. We are expecting the trend to change this year. As long as the teams play their full seasons or around 150 games per club, Trout might just set his career-high record.

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