Every aspect of our lives has been affected by COVID-19, and the same goes for NBA games. The players are equally susceptible to contracting the virus, and those who are required to isolate themselves must be replaced before a match.

The NBA is adjusting to balance playing games and ensure the safety of their players. The league needs to follow safety protocols amid the pandemic, which has resulted in many postponements and cancellations of NBA games.

Amid this looming uncertainty, here’s what you need to know about betting on NBA games.

NBA Safety Protocols

The NBA applied safety protocols in advance to ensure the teammates of a player who contracted the virus would be able to quarantine and isolate themselves to restrict the spread of COVID-19.

To protect players’ and staff members’ health, all personnel who might have been in close contact with someone who tested positive are asked to isolate for seven days. This list can include teammates, opponents who interacted with the player before or after the game, hotel attendance, staff members, and even the player’s security team.

Due to these safety precautions, groups of players from multiple teams have been forced to go into isolation, with the team left with only eight players, which is the legal minimum.

Hence, it’s important to consider which players are on the team you’re betting on before deciding how much and whom to bet on.

Uncertain Schedule

The seven-day isolation period results in frequent changes to the team rosters, and if enough members are not available to play a game, the game is postponed.

The sports league schedule becomes more complicated when there are too many postponed games as each postponement has a negative impact on the teams as well as future scheduled games.

This could result in back-to-back games, which are sometimes referred to as fixture congestion.

Player Injury Management

The NBA players had a challenging offseason, with some players receiving minimal time off while others had too much time off and couldn’t access proper gym facilities to train and stay in shape.

A lack of training and over-exhaustion can lead to players getting injured during the game. We also need to consider the player’s mental health and how it has been affected by the pandemic. All these factors affect a player’s performance, and you should carefully consider these before you bet on them.

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