Betting on baseball is different from betting on point-stored games like football and basketball. Basketball is a Moneyline game! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Moneyline, let us explain.

In Moneyline, you just have to pick who will win without diving into the specifics, like who will cover the game. But since you need to make one informed decision based on MLB expert betting predictions, the chances of messing that up are relatively higher.

Are you a regular MLB bettor? Here are some MLB betting strategies you need to know before betting on your next game.

Avoid Betting on Big Favorites

One of the biggest mistakes many baseball bettors make is betting on big favorites like the Yankees, Cubs, and Dodgers. At first glance, it might feel like betting on a big favorite might get you more money, but that’s just a myth! Betting on these big favorites will always be costly because average baseball bettors will rush to bet on them, regardless of where they stand in a league or season.

Therefore, even if these big favorites win a game, you’ll only make a small profit. But if they lose, the payout will be crushing — and trust us; you don’t want that! Instead of betting on regular season favorites, look for other teams that seem worth your money.

Don’t Let Recency Bias Cloud Your Betting Decisions

For years, baseball bettors have discussed the importance of betting against public opinion. The average joe will always bet on their home teams, the last season’s favorite team, or a popular franchise. Moreover, they also have recency bias, where they only consider a team’s recent performance. So, if their favorite baseball team has won two matches recently, despite performing terribly the last whole year, they will still bet on it because ‘didn’t you see they just won?’

So our advice is to not be the average joe! Instead, go against the general opinion and benefit from all these artificially-inflated numbers surrounding season favorite teams. Underdogs get fewer bets, but people betting on them still get huge payouts—and who doesn’t want that?

Consider Reverse Line Movement

Betting during the MLB isn’t just about betting your money on the team you think will win. It’s about making smart, timely decisions, so you need to follow the Reverse Line Movement or the RLM during a game. In simple words, an RLM happens when the betting line suddenly starts moving opposite to previously displayed betting percentages.

For instance, team A started at -150 points against team B, at +120 points. Suddenly RLM happens, showing team A at -135 points, and team B at +105 points. This means that the RLM just moved in team A’s favor, giving them a better chance of winning. Now you know what to do! Make a timely decision by betting on the underdog, team A in this case.

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