Few of us would claim that there’s a greater sports event than college basketball’s March Madness. Every other March, this same NCAA Championship is a showcase of startling surprises with college basketball stories that enthrall their crowd season after season. After the field was extended in 1986, no year has matched it as the most significant ranking number yet to achieve the Sweet 16. Four double-digit rankings are currently around, excluding the fan-favorite Loyola Chicago.

Following a brief shock of No. 8 team Loyola Chicago, No. 12 team Oregon State is headed to the NCAA quarterfinals. The Beavers are required to capture the Pac-12 Championship to enter the class of 68. The Beavers have played like fire for the past month, and they might make their inaugural Super Four appearance long after 1963 if they sweep one more game. Oregon State became only the second Number 12 team in NCAA history to achieve the Final 8.

No. 1 team Baylor, on the other hand, has established a stabilizing presence throughout the quarterfinals. The Bears defeated No. 5 team Villanova and reached the Top Eight for the 1st time after 2012 and the sixth time throughout school history. If Baylor wins one more game, they will reach their 1st Semifinals since 1950.

Having this much on the table, supporters are searching for whatever advantage they may find when picking bracket groups or particular games. Fortunately for fans, Charlies Sports offers several of the finest top analysts in the game who’ve been closely monitoring these clubs throughout the year. Our free NCAA picks are live 24/7 on our website, and we always try to bring the best forecasts and betting tips for the NCAA bettors.

Let’s see what Charles Clay, our NCAA expert, says about this year’s March Madness.

Our Expert’s Take

Charles predicted his favorite Gonzaga Bulldogs as the No. 1 on his personal favorite best 25 teams. As the season went on, many folks came and tried to change his mind. They wanted him to root for Baylor or perhaps Michigan as the No. 1, but he is utterly loyal and never switched.

He says that there is no reason to switch over from Gonzaga Bulldogs. Why? Because when it comes to Zags, they are on top when it comes to being offensive, plus they rank on 10 when they go for defensive play. So, for him, this team is pretty good on both ends. Gonzaga can play fast, which is their strength since dealing with fast-paced players is challenging. So, all in all, the Zags are worthy of becoming champions this time.

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