Unlike basketball and football, where the bets are based according to the point spread, baseball betting is based on Moneyline. It means that the bettors will only have to pick the team who wins the match, not the one who covers.

When you are betting Moneyline, you can either take the team expected to win (also called the favorite) or choose the underdog. Please note that if you’re placing your bet on the underdog, you’ll get less money as compared to what you wagered on account of a winning bet. However, if you win an underdog bet, you’ll earn far more than your wager. New to all this? Here’s all you need to know about baseball handicapping.

Select a Reliable Betting Site

You mustn’t deposit your money on the first betting site that you visit. While there are many factors that you must consider when selecting an online sportsbook, the most important of them all is that you get your money on time. With Charlies Sports, you’ll have the surety of getting the best deals and fair play as we’ve been in the business for two decades, and people have complete trust in our service. 

Pick a Dime Line Sportsbook

If you’re betting on MLB baseball, you must pick a dime line sportsbook. In the betting lingo, a dime line is a 10-cent straddle that’s typically used in baseball. For instance, in the dime line sportsbook, where the favourite is at -120, the underdog will be at +110. There’s no use wagering a bet if you plan to bet on a baseball game without dime lines. 

Boost Your Bonus

When you sign up for a sportsbook, you get a free bonus. We recommend that you take advantage of that and try to bag in the full amount of cash bonus or free play available. For example, if a site gives you a 50% bonus on $1,000 of your first deposit, we suggest that you deport $2,000 so that you can boost your bonus.

Design a Bankroll Strategy

Be mindful that the baseball season tends to last for around six months. Therefore, if you want to keep your head over water in losing streaks, you’ll have to manage your bankroll correctly. Baseball is a high variance game, and that’ll lead to losing streaks. Even expert handicappers can struggle with bankroll management sometimes. 

Understand Advanced Statistics

Advanced statistics can give you an advantage over different oddsmakers if you’re able to learn and adapt them in your handicapping strategy. Traditional statistics like WHIP, ERA, and batting average are useless when you’re handicapping MLB.

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