Want to try your luck this NFL season but are new to sports handicapping? There are many different types of bets, but not all can ensure successful payouts. Be careful when deciding which bets to place your money on as they largely influence your payouts.

Here are some wagers you can place during the NFL season without worrying about losing money.

1. The Money line

The simplest and easiest wager you can make is on the money line. Select the team you believe has the best chance of winning. If you choose the Kansas City Chiefs and the line reads -200, you will need to wager $200 to win $100.

You’ll get a $300 return on your wager. These wagers are simple and secure for novices. You just follow the expert betting predictions and you’re good to go.

2. Parlays

Parlays combine several wagers into a single bet. Although it’s a profitable wager guaranteeing a decent reward, it’s also risky and not advised for new players.

A parlay combines wagers on the spread, money line, and totals. If you win the parlay, you will receive a sizable payoff; however, if you lose even one wager, you will lose the entire parlay and receive nothing.

3. Totals

When placing a wager on the total, the points scored are more important to you than whether the side will win or lose. Punters wager on either the bookmakers’ over or under the predetermined total set.

The total is preset by the bookmakers. Over means more points scored by the team than that determined by the bookmakers, and under means fewer points scored.

4. Prop Bets

Prop bets are getting increasingly well-liked, and you can use them to wager on almost anything. You can bet on multiple topics, such as who will score first, which quarter will have the most points scored, and the stadium roof opening.

 a jam-packed football stadium

a jam-packed football stadium

5. The Point Spread

The point spread consists of an odds maker designating one team as the favorite and calculating the margin of victory for that team. Therefore, to cover the point spread, the favorite team must win by that many points or more, whereas to cover the spread against another team, the favorite team must either win by fewer points or suffer a loss.

In NFL games, wagering “against the spread” is fairly common. For example, suppose the odds maker predicted that the Buccaneers would win against the Cowboys by 10 points.

The Buccaneers must now win by ten or more points to win the bet if you had placed your wager on the Buccaneers. However, if they win by less than 10 points, such as 2 points as in the last season, even though they won the game, you’ll lose the bet with anyone wagering against the spread ending up winning the bet.

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