College basketball goes unnoticed all year long until February and March.  Since there’s a lot of potential for bettors to make money on.

However, this also means a higher likelihood of you making bad investments. If you’re betting, make sure to avoid making these mistakes when making your picks.

Reputation And Fan Bias

Some basketball teams have been beating out the competition for years and get more bets than others.  However, betting on a team’s reputation or your love for them is an easy way to lose your money.

Past achievements or your loyalty have no relevance in betting on the current season or upcoming game – upsets aren’t uncommon.

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Betting On Tempo

People often overlook how much a game can impact the final scores. Different teams have different styles, and the score in the 40s is just as common as a score in the 90s. But if two teams play in different styles and tempos, it’s hard to say which team will control the game.

So, ignore tempo since a team’s aggressive style is often misleading to how a game would end.

Overlooking The Location

Homecourt advantage in college basketball matters a great deal. You need to know the location of the game. Is either team hosting, or is it a neutral court?  Most often, college basketball games are played on neutral courts.

Discounting The Money Line

Most people consider college basketball as just a sport of point spread bets.  This is not the case.  If you’re betting only on a point spread, you are missing out on so much cash.  For instance, if you think that the underdog can win, a moneyline bet could get you a higher payout than a point spread bet.

Placing Frequent Bets

There are more than 300 teams in just Division I; you can’t bet on all of them. It’s a bad idea to stack your bets, one after the other. If you bet too often, you won’t handicap them well or do proper research in general. This means that even if you win more than you lose, there’s little value in it.

Determine which games hold high value for you and bet only on those.

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