Baseball is the unofficial pastime for the majority of the US population.  MLB recorded a massive 1.3 billion minutes of streaming for only the first three weekends of 2021.

Baseball also generates an enormous amount of revenue. In 2020, 30 MLB teams generated $3.6 billion, showcasing baseball as a large scale sport.

If you’re planning to bet on baseball games, here are five easy and profitable tips to get your betting career started.

Focus On Differentials

One primary reason to consider betting on differentials is the price they offer. The popular teams are generally overpriced and are highly betted on. So, when they win, you don’t get much, but you lose a lot when they lose. When you bet on differentials, and if they manage to win, your payout is very high.

Don’t Always Go With The Flow

This strategy follows a high-risk, high return mindset. Generally, in betting, the average better, also known as the ‘Joes’, tend to follow the crowd. Although a safe one, this strategy won’t be able to get you an exponential increase in your earnings. Focus on long term strategy rather than short term form bursts from teams. You don’t want to be betting on a team just based on a few performances.

Who’s Pitching?

One major aspect of the game of baseball is pitching. Pitchers can make or break a game. It’s easy for you to win your bet if you know who the probable pitchers are and how efficient they are. The problem with baseball is that pitchers tend to change every other game, but if you get your prediction for it correct, then it may increase your chances of winning the bet.

Know The Weather

The difference between a pro and a Joe is that the pros don’t take anything for granted. The weather may seem like an inconsequential factor to the Joe, but for the pros, it’s essential. When wind tends to blow out, it creates difficulties for teams that rely on home runs, whereas when it blows in, it favours them.

The next time you bet, make sure to check weather predictions.

Umpire Check

Umpire decisions tend to factor in a lot in baseball games. Historically it has been seen that umpires cave into home crowd pressure. Some umpires make decisions on the crowd’s behavior and have different strike zones. A tight strike zone would lead to more runs and benefits the ‘overs’, whereas a big strike zone would lead to more strikeouts and is beneficial for the ‘unders’.

Person calculating their bet winnings after using free picks and expert betting predictions.

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