There’s no denying that Americans love football. Watching and betting on football is almost as thrilling as the sport itself. Nearly 15 million people in the US enjoyed watching football in 2020, but not many realize that they can make good money by placing wise bets on the game.

Here are some tips to make sure you’re placing the best bets this season:

Point Spreads

The absence of parity is what makes NCAA and NFL football very different from each other. The FBS consists of 128 teams, and the gap between the best and worst teams is massive. Hence, you’ll come across point spreads in college that you won’t see in the NFL.

The largest closing spread in NFL history is 27 points, which has only happened twice. On the NCAA board practically every weekend, you’ll see numbers higher than that. Odds will be posted every Sunday after most of the weekend games have ended.

Point Totals

In comparison to the pros, not only can NCAA football feature bigger spreads, but the game totals can also be tremendous due to a few reasons. First, there are a lot of bad defenses in college football. Taking the Over or Under on the total is typically given as an equal-odds bet. Some websites allow you to wager on one team’s predicted point total.

Second, since college rankings aren’t only dependent on wins and losses, there’s a premium on wiping out opponents to persuade voters of your potential and secure your “bowl credentials”. In some cases, you’ll have to select whether a game will have more than or less than 80 total points, and the public will be split.

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The NCAA football betting line is a well-known wager. Once you understand this strategy well, you can make the optimum college football bets, regardless of the bet type.

Betting on the Moneyline means betting on the winning team regardless of its margin of victory. Underdogs on the Moneyline will have plus-odds, while favorites will have negative odds.

Futures Betting

When you bet on NCAA football futures, you’re betting on an event that will take place somewhere down the road. These are usually significant events that people will remember for the rest of the year.

Like any other investment, time carries risk. So the earlier you place your bet, the better your chances of getting a good offer. The odds tend to fluctuate considerably during the months before the event. Make sure to follow their trends closely so you know when it’s time to go in.

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