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The NFL 2021-22 season is underway, and everyone is tuning in for the most anticipated tournament of the year in America. If you’re an amateur sports bettor and think of betting on the NFL, expert advice may help you. Sports handicappers recommend these tips and tricks to help you win more this NFL season.


Don’t Worry About the Spread too Much

A common mistake amateur handicappers make spending too much time worrying about the spread instead of just picking a winner. Often, people are unwilling to wager on a good bet just because they don’t like the spread. Several times, NFL favorites have actually gone against the spread, so if you think a bet is lucrative even if it’s against the spread, just go for it.


Wait for the Second Batch of Line Movements

Oddsmakers usually put out the NFL number by Sunday, and rookie bettors start betting on the games for next week the following day. This is not ideal; wait for the line to move again. Line movements start again around Wednesday or Thursday and are when most experienced handicappers place their bets. If you wait, you can have better knowledge about the weather conditions and an updated injury list to consider and base your bets on. The air pressure in a football is reduced by 20% in cold weather conditions.

Team huddle during a game

Keep Cautious with Public Favorites

Certain teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, and more have loyal supporters always betting with their hearts. They’re deemed “public favorites” even if the statistics may say otherwise or be unfavorable for them. Be very careful when betting for or against such a team. If you’re betting against the public, wait for the loyal fans to drive the line movement, but an early bet is a wise decision if you’re betting for the team.


Keep an Eye on the Underdogs

In the NFL, the underdogs are heavily favored teams who previously suffered an unexpected defeat, want revenge for a previous loss, or suffered a double-digit loss against a team. Such teams are highly motivated coming into the next game and tend to perform well. Betting on these underdogs can prove to be quite profitable for handicappers.

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