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The National Football League (NFL) has an official rule book consisting of all the game guidelines. These include the field markings, the rules of the game itself, the foul codes, and the penalty directions. But there are some lesser-known or obscure rules that not everyone is aware of. Our NFL predictions expertsat our sports handicapping service have made a list of 5 NFL rules that you probably didn’t know about.


Snaps between the quarterback’s legs

This is probably one of the strangest rules in the NFL rule book. According to the rule, if a quarterback is under center and he misses the ball as it passes between his legs, then he has to be the one to get the ball. If any other player touches the ball before him,it’s ruled as a false start. This rule was called out during an official game during a Chicago Bears vs Philadelphia Eagles gamein2007.


Post-touchdown Dunks

Another weird NFL rule is the banning of post-touchdown dunks with a football. Players used to dunk the football over the goal post to celebrate after a successful touchdown. This is no longer allowed as the NFL forbids any player from using football as a prop for celebration.

A football player running with a football

Automatic Coin Toss Loss

At the beginning of every game, each team must send six fully dressed players in their uniforms out. If a team sends less or more than six players or is not dressed in uniform, it is considered an automatic coin toss loss for that team.


Possession After A Touchdown

In the earlier days of the NFL, it was common for both the team captain to meet after a touchdown where the team who just scored the touchdown would decide whether to keep possession of the ball or not. This rule is still in place even though it’s less likely for the team who scored the touchdown to give up the chance to earn extra points and go for kick-off instead.


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