Are you among the millions of American adults who are interested in sports betting? If you are, then the NBA should be on top of your “sports to bet on” list.

That’s because the league is among the most lucrative betting options for American gamblers. It’s among the top three most popular sports in the US, and handicappers flock to it every season to make their betting predictions. Here are the main reasons that make NBA betting so lucrative.

1. Star Players Control the Games

In many sports, all members of a team contribute to the outcome. But in the NBA playoffs, star players can make or break the games. That’s why most expert sports betting predictions for the NBA are based on the performance of star players. Your wager will be as successful as the performance of the one or two stars you bet on. Even if you bet on a team and not on the star players, you can still end up making good returns if the star players are in good shape and manage to carry the games.

2. You Have Easy and Instant Access to News

Since basketball is a massively popular sport in the US, information regarding it spreads fast and wide. If a star player has suffered an injury or there’s breaking news, you’ll be able to access that information instantly. This easy and instant access to NBA news will help you make better betting predictions.

3. You Don’t Have to Watch Every Game

The NBA is divided into two conferences and six divisions. As a gambler, you can pick just one of the conferences or even divisions to bet on instead of wagering through the whole league. This makes it easier to weigh out your NBA odds and access better predictions. You don’t have to sit through every single game to understand how players are performing during the season.

4. You Can Gauge the Regular Season Performance

Most gamblers will be betting on the NBA playoffs and not the regular season. But the performance of teams and star players during the regular season can help predict the outcomes of the playoffs. You can gauge the game locations, resting times, number of games won, etc., and leverage these indicators against expert NBA betting predictions in the post-season games.

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