Each year, NCAA college basketball provides some of the best opportunities for sports handicapping. However, with 350 NCAA Division I teams and more than 30 conferences making the right bets can be overwhelming.

This is especially challenging if you are a new bettor looking to make consistent money by betting on NCAA basketball picks. Luckily, there are certain options, even for new bettors. Let’s discuss some tips to help you place successful bets in NCAA basketball games.

1. Information Is Important

Nobody can predict the future, not even bettors. Data records, insights, memory or past performance analytics, and every kind of information is important to place successful bets. The better the information, the more money you will make. What’s more, with the right information, you won’t need to follow public opinion because you’ll understand the odds better than anyone.

2. Consistent Strategies

One way to become consistent and earn a steady bankroll is to ensure that your betting fundamentals are strong. Every sport is different, and the same goes for the betting methods. If you’re following a team in a conference regularly, you may find a scenario that you can exploit to your advantage.

However, with specialized knowledge, you can gain a better edge over bookmaking. A key to starting with this is playing with the algorithms and slots. Keeping your knowledge compact is important to avoid any confusion.

3. Bet On Your Terms

When you’re starting your first bets, you must have a strong foundation for placing successful bets. Formulate a plan for college hoops and decide how to bet on them. Parlays, spread, money lines, or maybe all of these? Find out what you want to bet.

Additionally, you can also keep records of your betting. Records can help you stay ahead of the system and give you great control over your betting habits. College basketball mainly requires records because the game consistently changes over some time. Even veteran bettors keep records for NCAA basketball performances from the past.

4. The Winning Edge

NCAA basketball is full of magical moments. There are highs, lows, chalky brackets, and storming upsets. However, when your money is on the line, you need to consider these factors carefully. You can consider home-court advantage as it’s an advantage for the team you’re looking to bet on. Also, avoid paying attention to the national average to guarantee a winning edge.

A macro shot of a basketball

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