Research shows that NFL is the American public’s favorite sport to bet on. NFL is also the most profitable sport for sports handicappers. As the general public is emotionally attached to the game, there are times when they can make bad betting decisions.

However, everyone starts somewhere, and if you are experiencing difficulties placing winning bets for NFL picks against the spread, you may be making some mistakes. Let’s discuss some common mistakes to avoid making these when placing NFL bets.

1. Overreaction

Radio and TV personalities make extreme assessments from the first week of the season. This is more common for teams that are performing well. One game doesn’t give enough insight about a team to make a betting decision.

When evaluating a team to wager on, you should take a broad approach as the public will cause lines to change based on previous events. You need to realize that the goal is to get the sportsbooks close to even money on each side. Avoid what the public does, and you may benefit from your bets.

2. Betting On Money Lines

Sports handicapping is different from the games as it isn’t about winning or losing. It’s more about making plays that will profit you. If you make a percentage of the risked money back every time, you may end up winning a lot more bets in the long run.

Find value when placing your bets. It’s also a good idea to find an underdog money line if the matchups are close and the spread is less than four points. For instance, if you take -220 favorite and still lose, winning two -110 bets won’t profit you. Generally, it’s best if your favorite money line is -170.

3. Betting On Your Favorite Team

Betting on your favorite team is something that’s holding you from making effective bets. When you bet on your team, it’s important to have a value-based and analytical approach. Involving a team that you’re a fan of doesn’t win your bets. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong to wager on your favorite team. But emotions guiding your money is a losing proposition.

4. Making Up for Losses

Losing a bet can be annoying. Nobody wants to lose money, and the first instinct after losing a bet is normally to recoup what was lost. This is a dangerous thing that can bring more financial losses. The best way to avoid this is to decide beforehand the amount of bankroll you will spend on a bet.

A professional NFL match

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