Are you new to sports betting but want to try your luck this MLB season? There are many different types of bets, but not all can guarantee winning payments. Choose your wagers wisely because they have a significant impact on your payouts.

Nowadays, individuals bet on sports online to make quick cash while relaxing at home. Baseball has drawn bettors since MLB games have lower betting limits.

This blog will guide you on different MLB bets to help you make an informed decision.

MLB Totals

You can also bet on MLB baseball totals, but there’s less scoring in baseball games than in other sports such as football or basketball. For example, the New York Yankees have +140 while the Boston Red Sox are at -150.

To calculate the MLB totals, you have to add the runs of both teams. An average oddsmaker has a total of 7.0 runs, but this can decrease to 6.5 if the starting pitchers are very competent. It can drop to 6.0 if the starting pitchers are both elite, but this is very rare.

A total of more than 7.5 runs is above average, which can go up to 10 or 11 runs. The park where the game is played has an essential effect on the totals and run production. For example, Coors Field is an offense-friendly ballpark that will have higher totals.


Every online baseball betting site offers moneylines. Baseball games don’t typically have point spreads, so bets on people place MLB bets using moneyline odds. For instance, the visiting Yankees are at +140, while the home Boston Red Sox are at -150 and are favorites. Both teams must have -110 for the match to be even, but this is very rare.

Moneyline betting means the bettor is only betting on the outright winner. Different games have different odds, but in baseball games, a favorite is usually -200, while sometimes the starting pitcher and their match-up can increase a team’s score to – 300.

Run Lines

In addition to betting on moneyline, you can also wager on MLB baseball run lines. You bet on how many runs a team will win or lose by. For instance, the New York Yankees are at -155 with +1.5 runs, while the Boston Red Sox are at +135 and are laying -1.5 runs.

For those who placed a wager on the Red Sox, the team has to win by two runs or more. In contrast to the regular run line of 1.5, which most betting sites use, there are various run lines with odds between 2.5 and 3.5 runs.

a fully packed baseball stadium

a fully packed baseball stadium

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