You might know a lot about the NBA, but there are certain aspects of the game and betting on it that can easily be overlooked. People often make casual assumptions rather than proper analysis while wagering their money, that can lead them to losses. Here are some things to focus on when betting on the NBA:

Favorites After Loss

Naturally, a loss does not look good on the sheet and bettors would expect similar results from a team to carry out, especially if the team loses by a wide margin. Statistically, it would seem true, but teams tend to bounce back after abysmal performances.

In a league as competitive as the NBA, it is impossible to rule any team out, especially one that has a point to prove by making a statement to the nay-sayers. Expect teams to perform better after losses, and with the consideration of other stats, you can bet on them to even win.

The Team’s Schedule

The NBA has one big problem; the amount of fatigue players go through off the pitch. For games, players have to travel around 50,000 miles each year, which can result in different problems that reduce the productivity of players.

To make matters worse, teams can often have back to back games which ramp up the level of stress. A player that can dominate a game on one night might be too tired to take on the next opponent with the same level of energy. Incorporate this knowledge into your betting game, make sure the team’s schedules are under consideration.

Looking at Moving Lines

Moneyline can change from time to time, and quite often, you will see it deviate in favor of the other team. Sportsbooks and the public will both try to capitalize on the opportunity, and your job is to figure out via research what the cause of a changing moneyline is, which outcome is more plausible and bet on it. The change in moneyline often occurs when the expert bettors observe a chance to make a move and go for the public’s money, but they could be wrong as well.

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