College basketball has always been a huge attraction in the United States, drawing huge crowds and earning millions of dollars for the NCAA. The level of talent that comes through the Men’s Division has always been high.

Superstars like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russel, and even Michael Jordan were all college basketball players before they took the NBA by storm and became immortals of the sport.

In this piece, we’ll take a look at three rising stars of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Division who look like the real deal.

Malachi Flynn (Junior) – San Diego State

Flynn was the centerpiece of the Aztecs’ incredible start in the previous campaign in which they went on a stunning run of 26 victories in a row. We’ll go as far as saying that Flynn is responsible for returning the team to national relevance after a prolonged hiatus in obscurity.

Widely regarded as one of the division’s craftiest players, Malachi Flynn is known for his finesse and an exceptional distribution. Besides Flynn, the Aztecs also have multiple 3-point shooters, making them one of the nation’s most potent attacking outfits.

Luke Garza (Junior) – Iowa State

Last season, Garza was in a form that made him virtually impossible to contain in the post. He finished the regular season scoring 20-plus points in all the last 16 games. In fact, Garza had a single-digit score just once all season long!

His incredible form was the primary reason why Iowa managed to stay afloat in what’s comfortably the toughest conference in the country. While the Hawkeyes had a season of ups and downs, Luke Garza remained the epitome of consistency throughout the season. We’ll be very surprised if he doesn’t make it big in the NBA.

Payton Pritchard (Senior)

Last season, Pritchard was mainly responsible for Oregon finishing as the best team in the Pac-12. Playing his final season for the school, Pritchard made sure he etched his name into the history of Oregon State with performances that belied his age.

He finished the season with a career-high shooting percentage of 51.2% on twos, and an incredible 41.5% for threes. He also topped the conference leaderboards in assists as well as scoring.

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