College basketball is quickly establishing a reputation for being one of the most attractive sports for bettors due to the sheer amount of available games to put your money on. The NCAA basketball season starts in November and goes right on through to March, offering a plethora of games to bet on virtually every night.

With so many available options, college basketball betting can be a little intimidating for beginners. But don’t worry! The expert NCAA basketball handicappers here at Charlies Sports have put together a list of pro-tips that’ll help you avoid the common betting pitfalls in college basketball and maximize your profits.

Home Advantage Is a Big Factor In College Basketball

Many basketball bettors who are betting on a college basketball game for the first time fail to factor in how significant home advantage is on this level. College players generally don’t possess the same level of maturity as, let’s say, the average NBA player. Their confidence and, consequently, performance can be greatly impacted by being away from their home court.

So before you place your bets, remember that a college basketball team could be in unstoppable form at home, but struggling badly on the road at the same time.

Learn to Read The Schedule

The NCAA basketball season has three different parts, with each having a different effect on how teams perform. The three arts include conference, non-conference, and postseason. In the non-conference part of the season, colleges generally schedule games against lesser opponents to warm up and build confidence. However, predicting these matches can be challenging because of a general lack of history between competing teams.

The second part is conference play. Here, college teams play competitive matches against teams from only their respective conference. These are typically easy for handicappers since each game has a lot of history, and the teams know each other well. The last part is the postseason. Here, teams hold nothing back. Postseason college basketball games are relatively easier to predict as well.


Another important consideration when betting on a college basketball game is the teams’ motivation. This is particularly important in non-conference games. Small college teams playing on the big stage often elevate their game as they have the extra motivation to make some noise and enhance their own tournament rep.

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