There are a lot of crazy things that go on at NCAA tournaments, with a lot of general upsets. However, some upsets have to go above and beyond and get our jaws to drop to make it to a list of the biggest upsets in NCAA basketball history!

Here are 3 of the biggest upsets in NCAA basketball that we just can’t get over:

UMBC 74 – Virginia 54: March 16, 2018

Before the first round, south region of UMBC vs. Virginia in 2018, there has been no record of a 16-seed ever beating a number 1 seed in 135 tries. That, enough, is cause for this game to be the biggest upset in NCAA history. But what makes this even more jaw-dropping is that before this game, Virginia had only lost 2 games, and that, too, by just 8 points. UMBC was the true underdog, as they won the game by 20 points.

Villanova 66 – Georgetown 64: April 1, 1985

Throwing it back to the National Championship Game of 1985, Villanova made a crazy win after just barely making it into the tournament. The Villanova Wildcats had previously lost to the Hoyas twice and yet were able to beat number 1 Georgetown in the national championships.

NC State 54 – Houston 52: April 4, 1983

Another oldie, but the third biggest upset on our list was when NC State beat number 1 Houston and caused drama like never before on the basketball court. While Houston was known for its “Phi SlammaJamma” attack, NC State was able to show its own with a jaw-dropping alley-oop dunk that won them the game.

These 3 upsets have made NCAA basketball history as being some of the biggest, oldest, and latest upsets.

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