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    Philadelphia Phillies@ New York Mets Free 2019 MLB (NL East) ESPN Betting Preview.

    Date: Monday. April 22, 2019.

    Venue: Chase Field. Queens, New York.

    Time: 7:10 PM EST.

    Betting Line: 115/Total 8′ runs.

    ESPN will broadcast the game.

    Written by Major League Baseball Expert Analyst Charlie Red McDougall. View Charlies ESPN Baseball Betting Prediction for Tonight.

    Boston Red Sox @ Tampa Bay Rays Free 2019 MLB (AL East) Vegas Steam Betting Preview.

     Date: Saturday. April 20, 2019

    Venue: Tropicana Field. St Petersburg, Florida.

    Time: 6:10 PM EST.

    Betting Line: 140/Total 8′ runs.

    Local Network will broadcast the game.

    Written by Major League Baseball Analyst Bobby Wallace. View Charlies Free MLB Betting Prediction for Tonight.

    Toronto Raptors @ Orlando Magic Free 2019 NBA Playoff (Game 3) Betting Prediction.

    Date: Friday. April 19, 2019.

    Venue: Amway Center. Orlando, Floria.

    Time: 7:00 PM EST.

    Betting Line: 5 Points/Total 211′.

    ESPN will broadcast the game.

    Written by National Basketball Association Playoff Expert Analyst Greg Nelson. View Charlies Free NBA Playoff Pick for Tonight.

    View More Articles Here


    Note:This Sports Handicapper, Charliessports endorses Bovada.lv sports books. Extensive research by US marketing surveys have rated these 3 online sportsbooks as having an A+ reputation.

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    The National Football League with its 32 participating teams makes one of the major sports leagues of America. The league also enjoys a high popularity in the country and its 17-week span makes it one of the major sources of entertainment for the sports enthusiasts. In the recent times NFL has been able to bag the average highest attendance rate compared to any other professional sports based leagues across the world. This statistics alone says volume about the popularity of the league and also the extensive interest of American population in the game.

    The high popularity of the league has made the NBA Playoffs/MLB picks really important and in high demand. These picks are based on the latest information and about what is happening behind the screen. Our sports betting picks can be highly effective to predict what actually is going to happen in the coming match. So, naturally the fans and followers are ready to go to any extent to get their hands on these picks. The good news here is that, followers can get them even for free, just being a patron with Charlie Red McDougall, the owner of Charliessports.com.

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